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Medical Billing Services

Medical Billing

Medical billing is the phenomenon of submitting health insurance claims on behalf of the provider to different health insurance payers to reimburse payments for the services delivered in a medical facility. The basic operations in medical billing include converting encounters into claims creation, claim submission, follow-up, and payment posting. 

HPA medical billing professionals provide the following services:

Real-time insurance verification

HPA expert billers confirm the insurance eligibility of every patient to streamline the process. 


Find an accredited and reputable IPA that is a good fit for your practice. We help you with the paperwork and enrollment process, and we negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies to get the best rates possible.

Claim Submission and scrubbing

The HPA professional billers focus on creating and submitting electronic and paper-based claims, minimizing the operating cost, reducing the number of errors, and increasing revenue.

Error-free charge entry

HPA billers offer error-free charge entry to ensure first-time approved claim submission to minimize the rejections and denials.

Payment posting

HPA billers are experts in electronic and manual payment posting and handle the account receivable. 

Patient statements

HPA professional billers generate a detailed statement to collect the due balance from the patient. 

HPA Medical Billing

HPA also provides the hospital affiliation, which means adding the hospitals to the panel where physicians offer services in the affiliate hospitals. Hospital credentialing is also an important step that HPA offers. 

HPA credentialing aims to ensure that provider has the medical license, malpractice insurance, and required knowledge that fulfills the criteria to provide services. Credentialing also plays a minor role in the physician’s health plan enrollment to receive payment against the services.


We believe in timely reimbursements with improved benefits. Let’s talk about it. Give us a call.

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