HPA Telemedicine

HPA Telemedicine

Telemedicine is the use of technology by doctors and medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients in remote locations. Telemedicine does not require visiting the physician; instead, the help of the telephone and different devices to communicate. 

HPA provides telemedicine billing services according to the demand of the patients. HPA professionals efficiently manage the billing process that allows professionals to treat patients with the help of telecommunication technology over distances. We provide detailed consultation to the clients to track and address their problems using telephone and other video conferencing software. 

HPA experts offer the services of e-health patient monitoring, thoroughly patient consultation using videoconferencing, and medical education and information services. 

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HPA offers the following benefits from the patient’s perspective:

  • As patients and doctors communicate in a virtual environment, it saves travel expenses and time resources.
  • It enables patients less time away from home.
  • The confidential meeting between the doctor and patient maintains privacy.
  • It allows no exposure to another contagious patient.

HPA telemedicine also offers services to the service providers. These services are:

  • With the help of Telemedicine, HPA focus on increasing revenue.
  • It improves office efficiency.
  • Telemedicine enables providers to take more appointments and minimize the appointment cancellation ratio. 
  • It permits physicians to follow patients better and improve health outcomes.


There are different categories of telemedicine, which HPA emphasizes. These are:

Interactive telemedicine

This type of telemedicine enables doctors to communicate and interact in real-time. The sessions can be conducted at a patient’s residence or a medical kiosk. The interaction also involves telephone and videoconferencing software. 

Remote patient monitoring

Remote patient monitoring is also called telemonitoring. It allows patients to be monitored in their homes using mobile devices that gather their data, such as their temperature, blood sugar level, blood pressure, and many other vital signs.

Store and forward

This is a type of asynchronous telemedicine. One health provider can share the patient’s reports and lab results with other health providers in this process. 

Telehealth and telemedicine seem identical, but they are two different things. Telehealth deals with non-surgical services like patient education, medical care, and health information services, while telemedicine deals with clinical services such as e-health patient monitoring, the transmission of image medical reports, and patient Consultation via video conferencing.

A question typically arises in people’s minds: Why should we choose HPA for telemedicine. This answer is simple.

At HPA, telemedicine solution offers the following benefits:

  • Telemedicine improves access to care.
  • It is a cost-effective method because it saves time and cost sources.
  • It improves healthcare quality. There is a one-o-one meeting between the physician and the patient, and it allows physicians to pay full attention to that patient. 
  • Telemarketing boosts medical billing services to increase the quality of billing solutions.

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