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Medical Credentialing Services

Professional Medical Credentialing Services

Medical credentialing is the affiliation of physicians and providers with the payers. HPA offers credentialing services to enroll the physicians in the panel of care providers to deliver their services. It creates a pool of providers and payers to make the process efficient. 

HPA has a dedicated team to complete the credentialing, affiliation, accreditation, and other relevant processes. HPA professionals also verify the provider’s qualification to ensure that providers provide quality healthcare services to the patients.

Along with the new credentialing and affiliation, HPA also delivers re-credentialing services. In this process, the HPA professional thoroughly reviews the application and the supportive documents and again enrolls physicians with the payers. HPA provides privileging services, which license the healthcare practitioner’s specific scope and content of patient care services. 

Our Medical Credentialing Services

Stay ahead of the curve with our medical credentialing services as we make the process simple and straightforward.


Renew your credentials with HPA. We provide re-credentialing services to ensure that your current information is accurate, and up-to-date with insurance companies.


Proceed through the complex process of acquiring and verifying medical licenses, accreditations, and certifications. HPA is dedicated to providing hassle-free medical credentialing services.

Enrollment for Electronic Transactions

Enroll with payers that allow for electronic transactions, such as EDI, ERA, and EFT. We get you authorized with all the payers to send electronic transactions without any inconvenience.

IPA Enrollment

Find an accredited and reputable IPA that is a good fit for your practice. We help you with the paperwork and enrollment process, and we negotiate on your behalf with insurance companies to get the best rates possible.

Contract Renegotiation

Let the experts at HPA handle your contract renegotiation with insurance companies. We work on your behalf to get you a better-contracted amount and higher reimbursement rates


Get formal recognition and affiliation with insurance agencies, alleviating the enrollment hold-ups. By streamlining obtaining medical credentials, HPA can help your practice run more smoothly and efficiently.

HPA Medical Credentialing Services

HPA also provides the hospital affiliation, which means adding the hospitals to the panel where physicians offer services in the affiliate hospitals. Hospital credentialing is also an important step that HPA offers. 

HPA credentialing aims to ensure that provider has the medical license, malpractice insurance, and required knowledge that fulfills the criteria to provide services. Credentialing also plays a minor role in the physician’s health plan enrollment to receive payment against the services.


Provider Enrollment and credentialing services

Our Provider Enrollment and Credentialing Services help to manage the process of enrolling new providers and maintaining their credentials. We have a team of experienced professionals knowledgeable about the requirements of different payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial health plans.

Our medical credentialing services can save your time and money by streamlining the enrollment and credentialing process. We will work to ensure that you are enrolled promptly and that your credentials are up to date. Our tracking and monitoring services will help you keep track of your enrollment status and credentialing information. This can be especially helpful if you have many providers or need to change your provider panel.

Our data maintenance services can help you keep your data updated and compliant with all-payer requirements. If you are looking for medical credentialing services, physician credentialing services, or any other type of enrollment and credentialing support, HPA is there for you

Get in contact with us and let us ensure your affiliation with compatible healthcare providers.

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